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This man staged a one man “Satyagraha” against Adelaide’s 3am lockout.

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Hindley Street Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide, South Australia. – In the early hours on Sunday morning the 17th of November, the Adelaide streets are still pumping with music, people are still anticipating the movement between bars and much fun is still to be had. But there is a problem.

The Adelaide government has recently imposed new laws stating that individuals may not enter bars after 3am. This comes in conjunction with a whole series of new regulations put in place on the 1st Oct 2013 by the new Late Night Trading Code of Practice  . The stated purpose of which is “to minimise the harmful and hazardous use of liquor and promote responsible attitudes in relation to the promotion, sale, supply and consumption of liquor”.

These range from bars having compulsory “drink marshalls” and “metal detectors” to “full HD CCTV” systems on all entrance/exit points and bathroom facilities. Restrictions have also been put in place on free drinks, glass wear and high alcohol volume drinks such as shooters. The popular reaction to these new laws is one of dissatisfaction among many of the younger population. This is compounded by the fact that arguably Adelaide most profitable bar, “The Casino” has gained an exemption to the new laws. Suspicions flourish among many that this is due simply the tax revenue generated from gambling.

One man however took a stand on this night against the “lockout” by taking part in an individual act of non violent civil disobedience or what Mahatma Gandhi would call a “Satyagraha”. Loosely defined as “soul force” or “truth force,” it is the name given to a philosophy within the overall category generally known as nonviolent resistance or civil resistance.

Gandhi leading Salt Satyagraha, a notable example of Satyagraha.
Gandhi leading Salt Satyagraha, a notable example of Satyagraha.

Circus Bazaar is unable to trace this individual for comment on his brave demonstration so until we are able to contact the man him self we shall substitute his quote for another,


“A genuine Satyagraha should never excite contempt in the opponent even when it fails to command regard or respect.”


– Mahatma Gandhi

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