Australian Rapper Takes on Conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

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An Australian Rapper going by the name “Prophet Rayza” has launched a scathing attack on conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Earlier this year Circus Bazaar reviewed a newly released album on the Australian Hip Hop scene by an artist named Prophet Rayza. Our music reviewer described his debut “Year of the Rayza” as presenting the Australian Hip-Hop community with a benchmark for 2014. Thematically diverse, the album was laced with references to equality, human rights and progressive politics so his explosive jump into a direct attack on Australia’s conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott has not been a surprise.

“I wanted to say something about the appalling way our country is being “run” and destroyed by this despicable man. So naturally it became a song. I, like the rest of the population am increasingly frustrated with their (I say their because I didn’t vote for them) government and had to do something about the situation.” Prophet Rayza told Circus Bazaar.

The track “Tony Abbott Vs. Prophet Rayza” is making itself felt via the Prophet Rayza TV YouTube Channel and comes equipped with a #RaiseYourFist Hash tag. Over 3 powerful verses he attacks the big issues such as Abbott’s position that coal is the future, the recently passed “National Security Legislation Amendment Bill” that allows Australia’s national security intelligence service (ASIO) the unprecedented ability to monitor the Internet and of course immigration policy.

Prpphet Rayaza

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“I don’t have unlimited wealth and connections that I can utilize to make a difference, so I did the only thing I could, speak up. Speak up against injustice just as any honorable man or women should do.”

With no conventional chorus the verses are separated with historical sound bites of various promises and statements the Prime Minister has given on the record yet since back tracked on. The sound bites climax with the voice of the former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating making his now legendary “God Help Us” character slam on the possibility of Tony Abbott becoming the leader of Australia.

“The more people I can reach and wake up, the closer we get to overthrowing this man and bringing Australia back to being the wonderful, free, progressive and innovative country it once was and can be again. This is real democracy. Democracy doesn’t end at the polling booth… #RaiseYourFist”

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