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‘He always keeps his mouth shut…’ Cash Savage and the Last Drinks. The Hypnotiser – Review

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Cash Savage and the Last Drinks. The Hypnotiser - ReviewCash Savage will tell a story with believable angst and paint a suitable background with violins, keyboard and  trumpets.  That’s not to mention the 45-voice choir in ‘Hypnotiser’. It is moody, atmospheric and pays respect to the folk and blues stars of yesteryear.  Cash Savage and her band The Last Drinks are an Australian act based in Melbourne. Hypnotizer was released in August 2013, and will be pleasing for those who have a taste for ‘Dark Country Blues’.

We welcome the opening proceedings on this album with ‘Let Go’, a gritty blues based track with rich and charming feedback through instrumental sections of the song.  Let go announces the album.  ‘Something Better’, while largely stripped back, provides an atmosphere that will have you drop anchor and stay tuned.  Lyrically it is melancholic destructiveness engaging the primal reptilian amygdala – raw emotion.

Cash Savage and the Last Drinks. The Hypnotiser - Review‘Hypnotiser’ comes on with the straight up, stripped back rock.  Add the choir like vocals and as the lyric will dictate “move together baby”.

‘Howling For Me’ a dust bowls blues styling folk that Woody Guthrie would be happy to hear continues to demonstrate the unique vocal harmonies of Savage and her counterparts.

‘Five Bo’ is further confirmation of the blues vocal abilities of Cash Savage, a sweet minor chordal pattern invites to hang on for this expressive love story, lyrically reminiscent of the story’s Bob Dylan has brought us over the years.

‘Barenuckle Boogie’, ups the tempo marginally and provides a toe tapping section on the album and continues to remind you of the excellent song writing abilities of Cash.  The half time feel adds to the dynamics of this song. Add the trumpet to the mix and enjoy.

‘I’m in Love’ is a sweet tune with ‘nice’ dynamics.  Light a candle and cook your partner a dinner and slip a ring on their finger if you feel inclined, and add this song to your ‘lovey dovey’ playlist for the evening.  It’s ‘Nice’.

‘95kms to Sandy Point’ could easily have been included on a Cat Power album. A descending blues pattern, lyrically tells the story of being picked up on the road.  The track is slow at first though builds into a crescendo section before bringing it back down to lead the song out.

Cash Savage and the Last Drinks. The Hypnotiser - Review‘Early Morning Come Down Blues’ – self explanatory.  From a slow start to the welcome introduction of drums at 2:00 minutes, a standard inclusion on any album of this styling.

‘Mother Lament’ is a fitting end to the album, and exemplifies a ‘passionate expression of grief or sorrow’.

If you’ve been missing that mournful dark country blues album then Savage is worth cashing in for. Musically the writing is structured well, lyrically and vocally it works and you will most probably listen to the album more than five  times.

Engineered by Melbourne-based Japenese-born Nao Anzai

Produced by Nick Finch from Graveyard Train

Website:  www.cashsavage.com.au

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