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Manus Island – Photos Released

Uncovering facts such as the rationing of water in quantities of 500ml per day in scorching heat caused Amnesty International to label conditions inside Manus Island...

How Wolves Changed Rivers In Yellowstone National Park

"When wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in the United States after being absent nearly 70 years, the most remarkable "trophic cascade" occurred....

Gypsies: Europe’s discriminated, yet ignored ethnic minority?

Some years ago, in the North-Western part of London, I encountered a beggar. She was a white, clean and healthy looking woman in her...

Will we ever see police officers prosecuted for torture?

Looking at the video recording of the assault there is little doubt that the actions of the two police officers meet the prima facie...
The Future of North Korea Part 1

The Future of North Korea Part 1: Will History Repeat Itself?

"In North Korea, the words 'human rights' do not exist.” - The heart wrenching words of escapee Kim Song-Ju. If only that were the extent of...
The Democratic Republic of Congo: The Hope From Within

The Democratic Republic of Congo: The Hope From Within

If there is one thing any country should avoid hosting, it’s a world war. Dubbed “Africa’s World War,” the Democratic Republic of Congo has...
Boat People

2014: The Year of Boat People & The Cemetery at Sea

"I don't know how many more people need to die at sea before something gets done. The fact is that as things stand we...
Is Norway`s Criminalisation Of The Homeless Racist?

Is Norway`s Criminalisation Of The Homeless Racist?

A NOTE ON THE ABOVE PHOTO: A homeless foreign migrant living under the Sinsen bridge on the east side of Norway's capital, Oslo. The man...
Waria In Indonesiavideo

Being Waria In Indonesia (Transgender)

Being waria in Indonesia, where religion plays a dominant role in society and where almost 90 percent of the population are Muslim, is not an...

Latest Data On The European Migrant Emergency

Facts are accurate at date of publishing. Source: International Organization for Migration

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OB Markers & Identity with PJ Thum

Editor of Circus Bazaar Magazine Shane Alexander Caldwell sits down to discuss OB markers, ethnic division and swimming the English Channel with Historian, Olympian...

A Republic Imperiled