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The Baton Affair: “There was a certain practice”, Norway’s Director of Public Prosecutions

On a quiet morning in the suburbs of Oslo, Norway, a man who was suspected of concealing narcotics in his mouth was subjected to...
Is Norway`s Criminalisation Of The Homeless Racist?

Is Norway`s Criminalisation Of The Homeless Racist?

A NOTE ON THE ABOVE PHOTO: A homeless foreign migrant living under the Sinsen bridge on the east side of Norway's capital, Oslo. The man...

Venezuela´s Road to Anarchy

Venezuela - If we compare South America to the Middle East, Africa, or South East Asia, the region seems idyllic. There have not been any major...

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OB Markers & Identity with PJ Thum

Editor of Circus Bazaar Magazine Shane Alexander Caldwell sits down to discuss OB markers, ethnic division and swimming the English Channel with Historian, Olympian...

A Republic Imperiled