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CB Street View. Ecuadorian Embassy and Julian Assange.

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In June of 2012 Julian Assange the Australian Journalist and Editor-in-chief of Wikileaks applied for political asylum in Ecuador. The Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño publicly announced that he was at the Embassy in London. Later in August. The Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa later confirmed that Julian Assange could stay at the embassy indefinitely.

Julian Assange still remains at the Embassy in an office that has been modified into a bedroom. Sporadically there has been intense media attention around the embassy that is situated next door to London’s famous Harrods department store however in the absense of significant developments in his political situation the media circus has largely declined.

Never the less officers of the London Metropolitan Police Service who are very reluctant to be photographed remain stationed outside the building to arrest him should he attempt to leave. The cost of this policing operation for the first two years of Julian Assange’s stay was 6.5 million pounds.

Circus Bazaar spoke at length with these police concerning the justification for such a significant police presence for a man wanted for questioning related to non-consensual behaviour within consensual sexual encounters in the country of Sweden. Assange denies the allegations. Answers were vague.

U.S. authorities began investigating Assange personally with a view to prosecuting him under the Espionage Act of 1917. This is in connection with the Bradley E. Manning war logs release.

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