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Thursday morning in a small town named Trollhättan in southern Sweden, a 21-year-old man wearing a Darth Vadar styled mask, walked into a school wielding a large sword. A teacher and an 11-year-old student were hacked to death and two more were injured. The man was shot dead by Swedish Police during arrest and died at 1600 Thursday.

Horrifically, the masked man posed for photos with several students before acting out his crime. He was dressed fully in black, wearing leather boots, a long jacket, and a terrifying dark mask.

A Swedish based magazine named “Expo” published by an independent, non-profit organization that study’s right-wing, and extremist movements in society has published an article claiming that the attacker seemed to be influenced by neo-fascist beliefs. Swedish Police also confirmed that political motives are part of the investigation.

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Trollhättan is a city and the seat of Trollhättan Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden, with 46,457 inhabitants in 2010. It is located 75 km north of Sweden’s second-largest city, Gothenburg.

The Expo article talks of the attacker describing “multicultural hell projects” and defining himself as an opponent of “jew media control in Western civilization”. They also claim the man’s social media accounts made regular references that glorify Nazi Germany.

Male contraception
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