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Glen Greenwald Set to Drop Bomb – Snowden Files

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The soon to be naming of names may rock the US to its foundations

Glenn Greenwalds next release from the Snowden files is set to be the most devastating yet. The next chapter in the Snowden files will be an actual list of domestic surveillence targets the government has made. Greenwald, who’s promoting his new book, “No Place to Hide,” said the list will be published on The Intercept, the website he established after leaving The Guardian. Greenwald wants these files to help answer the questions about exactly who the NSA is targeting and the standards the government uses to identify someone as a potential terrorist or national security risk. Ie; how does the US government define a genuine threat from healthy democratic expression and how many lawful dissidents, groups like ‘Occupy’, critical journalists and NGO’s are on the governments watch-list?

Greenwald, by naming names, brings home the stark reality of how the US government views much of its citizenry. Something which Greewald implies strongly will shock and dismay the majority of Americans. I can already hear the panicked scurrying of politicians running for cover and the drone of ‘no comment’ from a horde of intelligence agency bureacrats, much like surprised woodlice exposed to the light. Expect both former and incumbent Washington insiders be genuinely mortified and almost certainly angered by the revelations of such deep and intrinsic distrust by the US government for its own electorate and the ‘I told you so’s’ of outlier Senators like Elizabeth Warren to resound equally loudly.

Certainly the ramifications will be almost certainly destabilising and troubling for not only the US, but the world in general.

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