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Governments and their want of “GOD LIKE” knowledge. Julian Assange

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governments god julian assangeA few weeks back Circus Bazaar had a story ready to be published on the “God like” want of governments to obtain knowledge about their citizens. Well let it be a lesson to us that if you choose not to publish a Christmas editorial someone bigger and better will most likely do it anyway. Thank you Julian Assange.

The analogy is not a new one by any means but what spurred our interest in it was an encounter with an evangelical religious group disseminating some very politically relevant pamphlets. I quote from the unpublished piece of writing,

governments god julian assange“According to them and their pamphlet I was to be cast into, “eternal fire where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth” because of thought crimes that I was obviously guilty of. This was due to the fact that “god himself” was privy to all thoughts and all knowledge of my life.

Instantly however the flip side became apparent. The concept of having an imaginary god spying on my every private thought was terrible but it really gives you chills when you open your eyes to to the reality of the world.

What is worse I ask between an imaginary god we have faith in knowing all we think and do or an establishment we all have faith in knowing all we think and do? The Edward Snowden “revelations” (mind the pun) reveal to largely deaf ears that in our blind faith of the political construction we call we the state, we seem to have allowed it into a position similar to a that of a God.”

In the last 24 hours Julian Assange has taken the opportunity to speak on this very accurate and timely analogy on BBC radio 4’s Today Programme.

Click here for the BBC Website or listen to the live recording on the embedded clip below.

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