Immortal Technique Arrested
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The controversial rapper who is revered for writting some of the most socially consious lyrics ever laid to paper was reportedly arrested last Thursday in Santa Ana, California. The arrest and later release was on suspicion that he was involved in the attack and robbery of street vendors. The Los Angeles Times reported that the vendors were selling merchandise that featured his image and trademark logo without his approval.

Several days after the arrest Coronel posted a series of statements on his social media accounts related to the event;

“I know that my name had been dragged through the media and I very much look forward to releasing an official statement in the very near future to clearing up this entire OVERBLOWN MEDIA HYPE. I appreciate the thousands of messages of support. I thank the people who look beyond some one-dimensional reporting and I refuse to dwell on the negativity.”

Circus Bazaar has conducted a series of interviews with Felipe Coronel in the past couple of years specifically related to our first major documentary project “The Serpent in Paradise”. Click here to see an interview.

Felipe Coronel is currenly on tour with fellow American Rapper Talib Kweli under the title “The People´s Champions.” Both men posted $50,000 bail and were released Friday, according to jail records. The sellout tour has continued without interruption with Coronel still able to perform the same night.

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