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Incredible DHL Express Video Goes Viral Worldwide.

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Mobile phone footage of DHL Express grossly mishandling packages at an Australian Airport has gone internationaly viral and forced DHL to launch an investigation.

If you are one of the many millions of people that make use of DHL Express for international logistics every year then seeing the above video may disturb you. Pinky BuaChompoo certainly was as he sat in a friends car and filmed DHL workers casually throwing peoples personal freight meters into the air with apparent disregard for any breakage.

Pinky who is a prominent Australian Muay Thai fighter who has spent years travelling back and fourth and living in Thailand told Circus Bazaar that,

“I put it up coz I send and receive packages often and I’m sick of getting damaged goods. We pay good money to send things and don’t want them damaged. Its disgraceful. I’ve done my bit to show what happens.”

DHL Express is a world market leader in International express deliveries by air, sea, road and rail. Its present in over 220 countries and territories and employ over 315, 000 workers. According to their website this makes them the most international company in the world.

DHL told a South Australian publication “DHL is obviously shocked to see the handling of the shipments in such a way,” and that they are in the process of an investigation.

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