Muay Thai Legend “John Wayne Parr” – Exclusive Interview

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When Circus Bazaar heard whispers that one of the worlds most respected professional fighters, John Wayne “The Gunsliger” Parr, was going to be swinging past Norway to give a seminar at the nations premier Thai Boxing gym, Frontline Muay Thaiwe immediately put plans in motion to get him in for an interview.

“JWP” as he is known has been kicking serious ass across international fight sports circles for over twenty years now but his huge list of professional achievements only scratches the surface of his life story. It was not our intention to focus heavily on his fights but to take a look at other factors that appeal to more than just the subset of people that are fight fans. From submerging him self in Thai culture for four years in the late 1990’s to learn his trade to spending time as a Monk in a Buddhist temple, from cruising the world to consistently fight the worlds scariest individuals to personally helping train one of the faces of the UFC, “Georges St-Pierre” Wayne Parr has done it all, not just in the ring but also in life.

This interview is our gift to fight fans and also an attempt to communicate all the positive things about being a person dedicated to “beating people up for a living” to those not initiated or somewhat sceptical.

We can’t think of a better bloke for the job. Enjoy!

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Shane Alexander Caldwell
Shane Alexander Caldwell is the Editor-in-Chief of Circus Bazaar and owner of Circus Bazaar Productions. He is a Political Scientist by education with a specialisation in International Relations. He has written for Vice World News and is the producer of the forthcoming documentary project, “The Serpent in Paradise”.