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Norway`s Terror Alert

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The head of the Norwegian Intelligence Agency (PST) Benedicte Bjoernland has announced a national security alert in light of an imminent terrorist threat.

Oslo Norway – A press conderence was called today (thursday 24th July 2014) to alert the Norwegian public of an imminent terrorist threat. During this conference it was stated the PST has “recently received information that a group of extremists from Syria may be planning a terrorist attack in Norway

It is understood that the infomation that has provoked the action is “credible” and that it is planned to take place in the “next few days

The nation is on what can be considered somewhat of a lockdown with all major transportation hubs being patrolled by heavily armed police and border entry points running every entry and exit via customs inspection from North to South. Tourist attractions such as the Royal Palace  and the Town hall have been shut down to visitors until further notice.

Several politicians including the Prime Minister Erna Solberg have  delayed their vacations due to the threat however residence of Norway`s largest city Oslo have claim the city centre is “tranquil and summery” and “not much to see.”

This alert comes just days after the 3 year aniversay of the terrorist bombing by Anders Breivik of Oslo government buildings followed by the massacre of 69 people (mostly youth) of the Workers Youth League camp (AUF) in the name of anti-immigration. Click here to read a full acoount of this event. 

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