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Snoop Dogg has taken the Swedish Police to Instagram claiming racial profiling after he was arrested, urine tested and later released on Saterday night. The incident occured after a concert in the city of Uppsala where Swedish Police were carrying out roadside controls.

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Without individuals’ consent Sweden now conducts 30,000 such blood and urine tests a year on individuals in an effort to reduce consumtion of illicit substances. This is on top of an already existing 10,000 conducted on drivers. Over the last 10 years the number of drug convictions has doubled in Sweden. 83% of which have been for simple drug possession or use meaning criminalisation heavily falls apon minor offenders.

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Snoop Dogg who now claims will never again visit Sweden was also arrested and tested when visiting the country on suspected drug offences in 2007 according to Wikileaks where he “was deemed to be under the influence of narcotics” according to a police spokesperson.

Male contraception
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