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“We want to help children” – Imperial troops defecting from the Dark side.

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stormtroopers boba fett 50st1 LegionEmpires fall when people stop believing in them. I guess that is why hordes of former Galactic Empire Stormtroopers and Bounty Hunters are defecting from the Imperial Army. The Galactic Empire was once the toast of the Dark side with unrivalled hegemony over the universe but not these days apparently.

Circus Bazaar recently spoke with some members of the Nordic Garrison, part of the 501st Legion that operate in the Scandinavian nations.  A humble Stormtrooper and Boba Fett were on the streets of Oslo whilst on mission to collect donations to assist in relief for those effected by Typhoon Yolanda or internationally known as Haiyan in the Philippines. This particular operation has been given the name “A new hope” by the Garrison.

According to the groups official website;

“Following the devastating typhoon Haiyan, troopers of the Nordic Garrison initiated an emergency fundraiser to collect money and help provide relief to the people in a humanitarian crisis in the Philippines. Around 30 Nordic Garrison troopers and supporters made a united effort across Finland, Norway and Sweden over three days.

On the ground in the Philippines, members of the 501st Legion are helping with relief.

– Representatives of the 501st Legion had this to say (See below)

The 501st Legion began as a simple club for people who enjoyed dressing up as Star Wars bad guys such as Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers. This grew rapidly and they soon realised that they were in a position in which to help those that were less fortunate than them. They now have over 6000 members worldwide and on a global basis they collect millions of dollars for charity every year.

They have since earned the nick name “The bad guys doing good”.

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