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Sydney siege ends with gunfire

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Sydney siege ends with gunfire with many lives saved, but two hostages killed and several wounded in the ensuing gun battle.

At 2.10 am AEDT police stormed the Lindt cafe at 53 Martin place when shots and screams were heard coming from the Cafe when Haron Monis, an Iranian self styled cleric, began executing hostages. A man aged 34 and a woman aged 38, are believed to have been shot by the gunman and five other hostages were wounded in the crossfire and one police officer was wounded after being shot in the face by Monis. Three former hostages were taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries including a woman who had been shot in the shoulder. Haron Monis had a history of mental problems and criminal behaviour.

He had been previously charged with over 40 sexual and physical assault charges as well as sending Australian and UK deceased soldiers families extremely offensives letters. Commissioner Scipione thanked the police involved and said: “I want to point out they have saved lives, they have saved many lives.” He also went on to say that the police believed this was an isolated event in no way part of any large conspiracy or group. “It was the act of an individual. This should never destroy or change the way of our life.”

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