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Tiananmen Square. 25 year anniversary.

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Some things are worth watching again, and then sharing.

Twenty five years ago this week a man we only know as “Tank Man” challenged a column of “Chinese type 59” tanks to a game of political chicken. This was the morning after  Chinese military had forcibly removed protesters from in and around Beijing’s Tianamen Sqaure. As the story goes hundreds if not thousands of these protesters were massacred. Not that people inside China have any knowledge of this event though. Media and particularly internet censorship prevents politically sensitive topics from making their way around mainstream discourse.

I personally have travelled and studied extensively around China only to find that knowledge of this incident is almost non existent. If not blocked already, its very possible that by publishing this article Circus Bazaar is denying its self from access to over a billion consumers. So is the life of subversive media.

You can check this by visiting the Great Firewall of China and testing our URL or another you may be interested in. Most of the social Media services you will read this on are blocked.

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