Home World News Watch Twitter React to an Ebola Case in the United States.

Watch Twitter React to an Ebola Case in the United States.

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Thomas Duncan past away from the deadly Ebola Virus today in the United States. He is but one of 3879 deaths now confirmed by the World Health Organisation in their situation report released today. But has this one man created a difference.

If there can be taken any silver lining however from the obviously tragic circumstances surrounding his infection with the deadly virus it is that through the combined powers of fear, prejudice and the internet he has focused the worlds attention on the severity of the Ebola Epidemic in West Africa. What is absolutely clear from the above video provided by Time Magazine is that twitter became all of a sudden very interested in the reality of Ebola in connection with its arrival in the United States, and what twitter cares about is pretty much a good indicator of social mood among the major developed nations.

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The same nations that need to be further focused in order to role back the failures of the past months.

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