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What are the Hong Kong protests all about?

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Thousands gathered in Hong Kong during the last three weeks attempting to put pressure on Chinese leader CY Leung and Beijing to accept a free vote in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong protest, also called the “Umbrella Revolution” started this September when anti-government advocates were triggered to take action and protest outside the government headquarters in Hong Kong after the Chinese congress decided not to allow civil nomination in Hong Kong, which would have given its people a free vote in their 2017 elections. The people of Hong Kong will now only be able to vote for candidates accepted by a Chinese nomination committee. “This is false democracy,” protesters say.

The Chinese government with its leader CY Leung has continuously rejected the protestants’ requirements and in only a few weeks the pro- democracy protesters became thousands. Hong Kong students preceded a one week boycott of classes from September 22 and have joined the furious crowd demanding more democratic rights for Hong Kong. Also the organisation “Occupy Central with Love and Peace” has played a vital role in the fight for true democracy.

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Umbrella Revolution

On September 28 the masses of protestants marched down a central Hong Kong street and occupied another. The police tried to obtain order with pepper spray, tear gas and water guns. The term “Umbrella Revolution” has later been used by the media to describe the Hong Kong protests as many of the protestors have only had umbrellas to defend themselves against the government’s pepper spray and teargas attacks.

On October 1 the National Day of the People’s Republic of China was celebrated with a flag rising at Golden Bauhinia Square in Hong Kong. Students faced away from the flag rising expressing their dissatisfaction with Beijing.

Number of protestants decrease

Both the Chinese government and the Hong Kong government have warned protesters not to carry on with the occupation. On October 3 anti-Occupy Central activists fought back by punching and kicking protestors and tearing down their tents and barricades.

Yesterday, October 6, hundreds of Occupy Central activists were still occupying the streets of Hong Kong, despite being given a deadline to end the occupations from the government. Yet, the number of protestants have drastically decreased since the week before.

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