Home Culture This might change the music business forever..

This might change the music business forever..

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The good people over at Forbes Magazine┬áhave been astute enough to see that what is going on with “that Wu-tang again” is potentially a game changer. In march they broke the story that stored inside a hand-carved nickel-silver box that was specially designed by a British Moroccan artist and located in the Atlas mountains in ┬áMorocco laid a singular and “recorded in secret”, 31 track, double album by the legendary Hip Hop group.

The catch is that this “music is available for purchase and ownership by one individual only”. The whole concept of which is to take back the ever faster evaporating respect given to the creative process that is artistic endeavour and to kickstart a new business model in which musicians can recover from the the financial disaster that has been digital media.

But there is nothing more we can write that you won’t find in this fascinating peice of business journalism (press the play button above) that Forbes have put together. Enjoy!

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