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You Can Help Locate Malaysia Flight 370

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malaysiaThe strange disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 has the world baffled. Authorities now state that terrorism is the unlikely cause of its disappearance and so far a multi nation effort has had no success in locating its whereabouts.

But a United States satellite imaging company has launched and crowdsourcing effort to in an attempt located it. This is done through asking the public for help by looking through high-resolution satellite images for any sign of the missing plane. The Colorado based company “DigiGlobe” has five orbiting satellites above the gulf of Thailand which is where the Malaysian Flight 370 is reported to have disappeared.

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A website named Tomnod is publishing the images. Here the public can log on and search and it is hoped that with the combined man power from crowd sourcing, that the campaign will be a success. Each Pixel on a computer screen represents half a meter on the earth’s surface and users are encouraged to leave tags to identify potential aircraft wreckage. DigiGlobe will analyze user data to determine what areas are getting the most attention as a guide.

DigiGlobe have played helpful roles internationally in recently by monitoring Bush Fires, Hurricanes and ice storms.

You can join the effort at http://www.tomnod.com/nod/challenge/malaysiaairsar2014

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